Protectorate Chronicles

Goblins. Again.

the party is asked by the innkeeper to help defend a trade caravan. along the way they are attacked by a bugbear with a bear and a person with a silver signet ring who runs away after they kill the bugbear. they chat with the NPC driver who has a 12 year old daughter names lilyanna in the destined town.. they then continue down the street and drop off the materials(apples and water). the town is known for its large library. during the night, they are woken up to the bell ringing. the library was attacked by some hobgoblins. they are being led by a Large Humanoid with a silver ring on it. battle ensues. they kill the goblins but the leader runs away. when they get inside they see the people that were in the library slowly bleeding out. she tells that the goblins asked to kill them and the leader said ‘no just cut them and let them bleed they’ll die slower that way.”



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