Protectorate Chronicles

A Bloody night

The party meet up. They agree to a payment of 300 gp (half at the beginning half at the end) for delivering safely a Merchant named john smith to an inn in the next town to deliver supplies. during the rest of the day they go hunting for goblins. they find a wimpy Vegan goblin that they use to track the rest of the group. they attacked the caves they found taking out 2 immediately. they they attacked deeper, encountering 2 more. one was dropped but the other one was the little goblin that could, staying at low hp for a few rounds. The party realized that they were trying to hold off to allow women and children to escape. Troy sent his cat to defend and it was promptly beat up. the cleric went to help and together they killed all of the goblin women and children except 2. one escaped and the other was captured along with 3 others found in the caves. they loot the place and take the goblins prisoner. They head back to prepare for the next day.



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